Virtual Biobank for Biological Sample Management

What is a biobank?

A biobank is a biorepository that accepts, processes, stores and distributes biological samples and associated data for use in research and clinical care.

The field of biobanking has changed a lot over the years. It began with small academic repositories developed for the research needs of specific projects. Now they have evolved to become large national and international biobanks and commercial biorepositories.

The data associated with stored biological samples have grown in complexity from basic demographics information to comprehensive biological and genetic data.

What is a virtual biobank software used for?

Virtual biobanks are software applications developed to help clinical and translational investigators locate biological samples for testing and data mining from multiple biobanks in dispersed locations. 

Such virtual biobanks are accessed using specialized web portals designed to track large amounts of biological samples across multiple projects. 

Molecular biologists, pathologists, and laboratory technicians use virtual biobanks for both healthcare and research purposes.

What virtual biobank software solution does Zlynger offer?

Zlynger offers a customizable virtual biobank software application to manage biological samples in a variety of clinical and translational projects. 

Our electronic biobank solution can be used to centralize and track biospecimens (e.g. tumor, blood samples) and their related data in clinical trials, observational studies, national/international registries, or patient care activities in hospitals and clinics.

Who can use Zlynger’s virtual biobank software?