Remote Second Opinion Software for Medical Consultations

What is a remote second opinion software?

A remote second opinion software is a web application used by doctors and patients to describe, document, upload, and discuss a clinical case to be reviewed by an expert physician, with the aim of obtaining a second medical opinion.

What is a remote second opinion software used for?

A remote second opinion software is used by physicians and patients to share a clinical case with another doctor, who can provide a second opinion about how to treat a patient.

The second opinion software facilitates the description, documentation, transmission, and discussion of the clinical case via the Internet, so that the other expert physician can quickly and easily review the medical records and associated information of the patient (e.g. medical images) to assess the case and provide a response.

What remote second opinion software solution does Zlynger offer?

Zlynger offers an innovative, easy-to-use web portal for doctors and patients, which allows uploading a clinical case to the cloud and requesting a second opinion to a medical expert. 

This software tool does not require any installation in the computer and works in most Internet browsers and mobile devices. 

Zlynger’s second opinion solution enables secure, fast, and simple remote medical consultations.

Who can use Zlynger’s second opinion software?