mHealth Apps for Mobile Healthcare Services

What is a mobile health app?

A mobile health (mHealth) app is a web application specifically designed to deliver healthcare services through mobile devices.

What is an mHealth app used for?

An mHealth app is used by hospitals, clinics, and private healthcare providers to deliver remote medical care through mobile devices.

mHealth apps guarantee secure and flexible communications between doctors and patients using smartphones and tablets.

High-quality mHealth apps are essential to enable effective mobile teleoncology, telestroke, telecardiology, and teledermatology services, among other therapeutic areas.

What mHealth solutions does Zlynger offer?

Zlynger develops custom mHealth apps, which allow the delivery of personalized mobile medical services for patients. 

Zlynger’s HIPAA-compliant mHealth software enables secure and seamless communications for mobile users.

All our mHealth apps work in Android and iOS platforms and can be fully customized to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Who can use Zlynger’s mHealth apps?