Medical Imaging Platform for Image Exchange

What is a medical imaging platform?

A medical imaging platform is a web-based software tool that permits the upload, remote review, and download of medical images.

What is a medical imaging platform software used for?

A medical imaging platform software enables remote medical imaging sharing and reviews in a wide variety of applications. 

In clinical trials, hospital staff can upload radiological images (e.g. CT scans, MRIs) to the cloud so that an expert radiologist can perform a central review of such imaging tests. 

This is typically done in oncology studies to confirm patient eligibility, tumor responses or progressions.

What medical imaging platform software solution does Zlynger offer?

Zlynger offers a secure, fully web-based medical imaging platform to share any type of medical image via the Internet. 

Through a cloud-based system, Zlynger’s software permits easy anonymization, upload, review, and download of medical images in the context of clinical trials, medical research projects, and second opinion activities.

Zlynger’s imaging application offers full customization of data forms to collect the exact information that is required in each project.c

Who can use Zlynger’s medical imaging software?