DICOM PACS Server for Storage and Access to Medical Images

What is a DICOM PACS server?

A DICOM PACS server is a software system that permits the storage and retrieval of medical images in DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) format across an organization (e.g. hospital or clinic).

What is a DICOM PACS server used for?

A DICOM PACS (picture archiving and communication system) server is used to provide storage and access to medical images in DICOM format from multiple modalities (e.g. CT scan, MRI, ECG, video). 

The PACS system accepts medical images sent by different imaging modalities and devices. The DICOM protocol allows medical images to be sent, stored, and viewed in a standard way across a hospital or clinic.

What DICOM PACS server does Zlynger offer?

Zlynger offers an innovative DICOM PACS server that provides connectivity for all DICOM modalities (CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.). This DICOM PACS server can be used together with Zlynger’s DICOM viewer.

Zlynger’s PACS server solution has the following features: